Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Our parent company is the multi-awarded D’nM Wedding Films.

We created The Perfect Pair as a sister company with different offerings to D’nM (such as photography!). There are some differences in the films that we create through each company, however whether you book through Perfect Pair or D’nM, our commitment to great customer service, exceptional quality work and consistently exceeding expectations – remain consistently awesome!



Yes, we have plenty 🙂

We know that you’re model-material, but your busy schedule keeps you off the catwalk (right 😉 ).  So we’ll help you out with where to stand and what to do to create the best conditions for great photos / video.

We won’t interfere with events, we won’t ask you to do cheesy stuff, we won’t ask you to re-enact anything … just be yourselves !!


What are the packages and how much?

Click here to view our current prices for photography and cinema.  You can save by booking both services with us!

Packages can be customised to suit your specific requirements.


Do you offer a discount if we book both photography and video?

Yes – you can save by booking both services with us.


Do we get the digital files?

For photography – yes! You receive a USB with your high-res jpeg images as part of our packages.

For video, the original raw footage is an option to purchase.


Can we meet with you?

We would like that 🙂   Please contact us (click the Contact link at the top right) … or even better, call us on  02 8850 6446.